Canyon Acoustic Music Project
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C-A-M-P’s goal is to create a community of musicians participating in family-friendly acoustic jam session. At the monthly gatherings, you can find plenty of guitars, fiddles, mandolins, banjos, and sometimes harmonicas, ukuleles, and any other acoustic instrument you can imagine. The style of music ranges from folk, gospel, bluegrass, Celtic, and even a little
People are welcome to attend C-A-M-P on one condition: come prepared to have a good time and enjoy the music.
C-A-M-P-ers come in many sizes, from novice to accomplished. If you want to bring an instrument to play or just sing along, anyone is welcome. Feel free to try something new and check out an instrument you’ve never played before in this encouraging atmosphere.
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“You got time for breathin’, you got time for Music.”
-The Andy Griffith Show
C-A-M-P's purpose is to promote Acoustic music, to encourage musicians, and to bring together people from around the community who share the common interest in music.
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June 2007
18-23; National Oldtime Fiddle Contest, Weiser, Idaho
30; CAMP
July 2007
C-A-M-P Gatherings